52 Weeks, Week 21*

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

Chiara – Happy to finally be at the beach where she had fun carefully searching for shells and mole crabs. It’s an activity that she has loved as a child and continues to enjoy even at 11 years old. She was also thrilled to spend the long weekend with her dear friends where there was endless drawing sessions and Minecraft games during the limited time we spent indoors.




Ines – She’s had a hard time keeping up with the older kids this weekend. She still was able to hold her own and showed her independent streak here and there. In whatever negative situation she’s confronted with, she always managed to find a positive approach. Her relentlessness and stubbornness can drive me and the rest of the family insane but I know that these traits will take her far in life.



Hope you had a nice weekend!

*To minimize confusion, I am changing the week count to align with the calendar year. I started my weekly project late in the year so my weeks were not properly aligned with the calendar.

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