52 Weeks – Starting Late, Week 1

I’ve contemplated about doing this project, 52 weeks, wherein I take weekly pictures of my children to capture where they are in their lives at a particular moment. The photos meant to be non-stylized, candid shots that will later serve as a time capsule for me and my family. I don’t know what happened but somehow I forgot to start the project in January.

Yesterday, when I was reading Lonny Magazine’s March issue, I came across an article on photographer Melanie Acevedo and her photo blog, Another 52 weeks. Sifting through her photos finally gave me that final push to start the project. Her simple yet powerful images of her kids just made me realize how childhood is fleeting, just temporary moments in our lives. Whatever I can do to preserve memories and moments for my daughters will be a wonderful gift to them as they eventually move on to their adult lives. Plus, I am roughly halfway through parenting my children in their childhood years and soon enough, they’ll be in high school and away to college. This project will let me cherish the years I have left with them.

To me the most moving part of Melanie’s blog is reading this statement, “All I can say is that if my memories fade, and I have no more stories left to tell, my images are here to speak for me — to them (my children) — of what I saw.” Well said, Melanie.

So here we go with week 1. There’s Ines and her extensive Hello Kitty collection. These kitties are her babies and boy, does she love to tend to them. Then, there’s Chiara who is just getting hit hard this year with homework and standardized test prep. We feel the impending demand and rigor of next year’s middle school already.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!







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