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Posted by on Sep 5, 2016 in Family | 0 comments

Week 36/52

Week 36/52

Weekly snapshots of life in 2016

And just like that, the summer of 2016 is now in the books. During the past week, we celebrated Ines’ birthday with a Mexican dinner and then cake at home with some friends. It was a small but sweet gathering — the way I like it, the way the girls like it.

The rest of the week was spent preparing for school this week, last-minute doctor appointments and back-to-school haircuts. We also spent some time schlepping Chiara to the orthodontist to get her braces, not a fun experience for her or for me. Luckily, the trip to Montreal this weekend has kept her attention away from the amount of pain she’s in. Though I may say, Chiara has been quite a trooper so far with everything braces- related.

The Montreal trip, which I’ll do a separate post on, was a wonderful experience, It was our last hurrah this summer as we start to dig our elbows deep into the ground this back-to-school week. I’m ready for school and all the madness to start and get back to our normal. Are you?



few images from Montreal

montreal.3 Q for Quebec?

montreal.1 City memorial

montreal.2 Usain Bolt moment


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