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Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Art, France | 0 comments

Tilt Kids Festival

Tilt Kids Festival

For about a month, the French Institute/Alliance Française in New York, along with the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, are hosting the Tilt Kids Festival, a unique and innovative way to children’s entertainment and fun.  Ines and I checked out the Le Bestiare exhibit, a make-believe zoo where kids can imagine themselves donning on different animal costumes.  We also went to the Cabaret de Magie Nouvelle where we saw shadow puppetry and an unbelievable juggling act.

There are activities until early April so if you’re in the NYC-area, do check some of the events out.  You don’t have to speak French in some of these events but it can be a good opportunity to pick up a word or expression here and there, n’est-ce pas? Enjoy!







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