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Posted by on Dec 17, 2015 in Travel | 4 comments

Philly State of Mind

Philly State of Mind

During Christmas break, we are spending a few days in a city that’s near and dear to my heart, Philadelphia. The girls have only had a few quick visits to the city of brotherly love.  Many of those journeys were just  short in and out day trips, so they really haven’t seen any of the sights. I’m excited to show them some of the places and spots that I used to loved to visit….

Love Sculpture.1






Hoping to see some loved ones as well while visiting.  Are you planning a little bit of travel this holiday season?

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  1. Sounds great!

    • Thanks!

  2. One of my favorite cities! No plans on going anywhere we will play tourists in the area. I am trying to plan fun things to do. Any suggestions?

    • The New York Botanical Garden is always fun with all their decorations and holiday train models. There’s the Cloisters that I’ve been trying to get to. If you want to see some art, Picasso sculptures at MOMA is a great exhibit for adults and kids. Enjoy!

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