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Posted by on Sep 3, 2015 in Family | 0 comments

Nine Years

Nine Years

A very simple celebration for this girl who used to always make a big deal out of her birthdays. Yes, my not-so-little Ines recently celebrated her ninth birthday by going to a Paint-A-Tee store in Red Bank where she had fun creating a customized t-shirt with her sister. She was a bit obsessed with making her own shirt after seeing a store with the same concept in Paris last month. Unfortunately, the store in Paris was close last month for vacation so we never got to pursue the idea while we were there.

Other than making her own shirt, the only other thing she asked for her birthday is to go to the movies with three friends next month when all the back-to-school madness settles down.  I thought it was pretty reasonable for a nine-year-old, don’t you think so?  Times are really a changin’…






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