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Posted by on Sep 17, 2013 in Art, Lifestyle | 2 comments

Governor’s Island

Governor’s Island

DSC_7315_2 A view of our old neighborhood, Brooklyn Heights, before the ferry ride


Our trip to Governor’s Island over the weekend was well worth it.  I have been dying to go especially after seeing this blog post about the place. However, we never seem to get around to going.  By the time we have the opportunity to visit, the island is already closed for the cold months.  So when my husband mentioned that he had to work this weekend, I decided to take the girls with me and make the most of a nice fall-like Saturday afternoon.

Governor’s Island is about a 20-minute ferry ride from Lower Manhattan.  It really is a gem of a place with lots of things for adults and kids to do.  Last Saturday, there was an art fair that took place as well as a Rainbow Loom by hand demonstration by an 11-year old girl. For Chiara, that event was enough of an incentive to go.  Personally, I wanted to see Head in the Clouds  installation.  It really is quite a sight.  Just look at the photos below.

DSC_7330_2 Head in the Clouds with the Freedom Tower peeking behind

DSC_7333_3 Installation is made of water bottles in varying sizes


DSC_7351_2 Some Rainbow Loom action

The other fun part was riding the vintage French carousel rides. We have tried some of them in France before but the ones for younger kids.  This is the first time that both girls can go together without an adult since they are both over the height restriction.

If you are thinking of going, visit the island soon as they will be closing it from the public after September 29th and will not reopen until May 2014.  Also, go on the earlier side if you want to avoid crowds of people.




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  1. Cool installation! Looks like a great time….

    • Definitely a lot of fun!

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