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Posted by on Jan 21, 2016 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

Fountain of Youth, Part 2

Fountain of Youth, Part 2

There’s got to be another trajectory in terms of aging gracefully.   I don’t buy the Botox or plastic surgery model, there’s really nothing more aging than a frozen face.  Personally for me, a woman who has aged well is someone who’s vital and still full of life.  She’s someone who is still very curious, playful and open to possibilities.

I was lucky enough to meet Françoise Gilot when she spoke at the French Institute/Alliance Française in New York last December for her book launch.  A woman who is a gifted artist in her own right, Françoise was once the companion of Pablo Picasso and Dr. Jonas Salk.  She’s still ravishing at 94, quick-witted and full of life.

Many of us in  the room wondered what makes Françoise so different from other older women.  We all agreed that it’s got to be her creative work, the passion for her craft that seeps through other aspects of her life, that has kept her relevant and interesting through the years.  Is passion the one necessary component in the Fountain of Youth?  I’d like to think so.






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