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Posted by on Jan 20, 2014 in Family, Food | 0 comments

Date Night at  Saveur Creole in Montclair

Date Night at Saveur Creole in Montclair

This weekend was another relatively quiet one. With my husband being away most of this week, we decided to go out on date night last Friday. We tried Saveur Creole, a new restaurant (for us) that I have been wanting to check out in Montclair. The restaurant specializes in Haitian food. Everything that we tried was delicious, albeit on the spicy side. So if you like spicy, this is a good restaurant to try if you are local. We started with the Creole Sampler, which had two empanadas, Haitian caviar and some croquette-type pieces. I then had Saveur Creole Beef, which is made of super-tender beef in a very tasty gravy. For dessert, we shared a super-yummy Batata Pudding, doused with adequate amount of rum…we had to be truly careful with this dessert as the sweet flavor masked the alcohol in it.

We’d definitely go back to this restaurant again. My culinary goal this year is to try as many different local restaurants as possible and preferably not chains. What about you? Did you have a good weekend? Do you also try to go out on culinary adventures or do you stay with tried and true?

Saveur Creole Batata Pudding Yummy Pudding


Saveur Creole restaurant

Saveur Creole restaurant Wall Mural of Haitian Landscape

Saveur Creole Sampler

Beef Creole at Saveur Creole

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