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Posted by on May 16, 2014 in Etc, Food | 2 comments

Bentgo – Stylish Bento Box Option for Packed Meals

Bentgo – Stylish Bento Box Option for Packed Meals

I recently contributed to a Bentgo recipe cookbook where different bloggers prepared their own meal ideas using bento boxes. Using these boxes brought me back to my childhood in the Philippines when my lunch was often packed in these nifty containers. Back then, my lunch containers were girly with floral designs and mostly in pastel colors. Love that the color and design of today’s Bentgo boxes are so sleek and fun.

The thing I love about these boxes is that they are made up of little compartments, which often encourages me to think of a well-balanced meal. A little protein, carb, some fruits and veggies, and maybe even a sweet treat. What do you use to pack your lunch and your kids’?

Bentgo Box

P.S. Thanks to my cousin Gail for introducing the Bentgo boxes to me.

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  1. Do you have a link to the cookbook?

    We have been using these bento boxes since the beginning of the school year and I love them. My only pet peeve is that the kids kept loosing the plastic band 😉

    • There’s a small business idea. I am sure many people run into same problem.

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