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Posted by on Apr 27, 2015 in Family | 0 comments

52 Weeks, Week 8

52 Weeks, Week 8

Snapshots of my girls, a week at a time, in 2015

Chiara – She made a net profit of $70 selling crêpes yesterday at her school’s TREPs event, a wonderful way in which grade-school children learn how to launch their own businesses. She worked side-by-side with her dad yesterday — he warmed-up our pre-cooked crêpes while she was responsible for the filling. After a brief family discussion yesterday on the earthquake in Nepal, Chiara said that she’ll donate part of her earnings to the victims. Very proud of her.



Ines – A little girl who loves everything about books, from the writing to illustrating. She designed the cover for a book that her class published on famous American historical figures; she did hers on Rosa Parks.  This girl beat me to my dream of publishing my own book one day!


Have a good week everyone!

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