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Week 22/52

Posted by on May 31, 2016 in Family and friends, Travel | 0 comments

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

Cape May is always a good idea, at least for us and our little tribe. We’ve been coming here for about 10 years now and yet we still feel the same excitement as the first time. Is it the thrill of being near the ocean or just the promise of the upcoming summer season and that school is soon coming to an end? Whatever it is, we keep coming back year after year.

All week long, I looked at the weather forecast as rainy days at the beach can sometimes be tough. Mother Nature proved fickle as the forecast changed from rain to shine until the last minute. But alas, we were lucky, the only rainy day we got was Monday, our last day there.

There was the usual treasure hunting by the kids at the beach from sea shells to metal detector finds. We also found out that Congress Hall, the grand dame of the town in terms of structure and history, is celebrating its 200th year. They have festivities all summer long so check them out if you’re in the area this summer.

Hope you had a lovely Memorial Day Weekend!








Week 21/52

Posted by on May 24, 2016 in Family and friends | 0 comments

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

We’re nearing the end of the school year, the finish line at least for the next few months. Although Mother Nature keeps eluding us, I can smell the faint scent of summer. It’s getting harder to focus.

I know the operative word for the next three weeks is survival, to simply get through the next few weeks of recitals and end-of-school year festivities. But after this period, the long lazy days of summer await where we can take a moment to be idle and breathe and be in denial about the quick passage of time. For there’s the autumn that awaits around the corner, when we’ll have to slowly shift gears again, adapt, go ahead with a few changes in life and move forward.

Here are some photos from Ines’ relay meet this weekend. Becoming quite a mid/long-distance runner, this girl has fallen in love, madly and passionately, with running. The other photos were from a first communion reception and sleepover on Saturday. I can’t believe how grown-up they look in some of these photos!

What about you? Are you itching for summer to start?






Week 20/52

Posted by on May 17, 2016 in Family and friends | 4 comments

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

This past week was all about our 20th wedding anniversary. Twenty years, you guys?! It’s insane how that time just flew by. Richard and I talked a lot about a lot of the different stages we’ve gone through in life — from the early days when we were still so naive and pretty clueless about the world to where we are now, parents of two tweens and a dog who are all in a hurry to grow up.

Over the past week, I thought a lot about what I would say to the 26-year old me, about to start a new life and partnership with someone.  What would be my advice?  First, I’d say just relax and don’t try to do everything perfectly. You’ll make mistakes, he’ll make some as well but you live and you learn.  I think that’s part of the fun being a couple anyway, growing and learning together from adversities.  Plus, veering off the roadmap and the original plan sometimes takes you to a more interesting and colorful path where new discoveries are made.

Second, I’d tell my younger self to make sure that there’s quality conversation at the end of the day.  It’s hard to focus on the other person after a long day when all you want to do is go to bed and unplug.  But we owe it to our partners, and they it to us, to simply connect and listen at day’s end.  A few minutes to chat, to laugh and catch up.

Third, I would tell the younger me to always make sure to put the marriage as equally important as other priorities, including children.  Go out on date nights, take walks together, have drinks together when kids are sleeping.  During our twilight years, when the kids are gone or when we’re retired and got all this crazy free time together, all we have is one another.    We don’t want to wake up and suddenly realize that we no longer recognize or know the person we’re co-habitating with.

Happy week, everyone!


carrotcake Throwback to the carrot cake we served at our wedding


anniversarycandy Chocolate treats from Gabriel Kreuther restaurant in the city where we celebrated

Week 19/52

Posted by on May 9, 2016 in Family and friends | 0 comments

Weekly snapshots of family life in 2016

Another crazy week done. At least, we had Mother’s Day that gave us a bit of a reprieve from the usual running around. It was quite a lazy one with the girls and Richard making breakfast for me while I got to indulge in some bedside reading in the morning. They also gave me some crafts and cards they’ve made — though my favorite was the one they created with their French tutor, Aurore. The little chalkboard frame included a card in which the girls wrote some sweet “from the heart” comments that just made me a little mush,  reminding me of what makes this whole crazy hectic motherhood gig so worth it.



After a week of rain, the sun came out mid-day and we decided to go to our local nursery and plant some flowers for the backyard. It has become our little tradition now to plant flowers on Mother’s Day but I probably should ‘fess up and say that I borrowed this idea from my friend Patty.  Just love this little bonding experience while we get to spruce up our backyard that was a bit neglected during the winter months.




The day ended with dinner at a Brazilian restaurant, Samba, in Montclair. In true South American fashion, the meat we ordered was just deliciously prepared. The girls devoured their steak while I couldn’t get enough of my Brazilian pork. The dessert menu was equally indulgent. We had a flourless yucca cake with coconut, dulce de leche and passion fruit. If you’re local, you should check out this little jewel box of a restaurant.

mothersday.6 At Samba Restaurant


mothersday.8 Little outdoor vignette at restaurant


Hope you had great weekend!

The Met Costume Institute’s New Exhibit

Posted by on May 5, 2016 in Art | 0 comments

I recently went to the Metropolitan Institute’s new exhibit, Manus x Machina.  Yes, it’s that famous exhibit/benefit where the stars, including Beyoncé and Alicia Vikander, gathered this past Monday to see and be seen.   The exhibit focuses on the role technology has played in haute couture despite the fact that the latter is supposed to be purely done by hand.   As the various curated pieces detail, there’s practically some kind of technology involved in creating all the couture pieces featured.

Unlike the China exhibit last year, Manus x Machina is stark and minimalist with focus primarily on the clothes.   My favorites are the exhibit’s centerpiece, a wedding dress from Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld that featured an elaborate and lengthy train, and the fiberglass dress by Hussein Chalayan that can be operated with a remote control.

Yes, couture dresses may not be practical but they are just sometimes so magical that we’re often transported from our everyday realities to a different world just by looking at these wonderful creations.   Plus, there’s something to be said for the vision and detailed craftsmanship that goes in each creation.

Manus x Machina opens today and runs until August 16, 2016.


manus.2 Karl Lagerfeld for House of Chanel





manus.6 Hussein Chalayan’s fiberglass dress

manus.8 Another Chalayan creation