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Do You Taxidermy

Posted by on Oct 30, 2014 in Interiors | 0 comments

I love organic details in interiors — shells, stones, wood, corals and the likes. I would like to think that I am pretty open to many interior decorating styles, from the modern to the more traditional, including hunting lodge/cabin/mountain retreat style.

One of the mainstays on cabin/hunting lodge decor is the use of taxidermy or hunted animals in decoration.  You often see a deer’s head or an antler of some sort on the wall in cabin decoration.  Though I am in a bit of awe when people have this detail in their interior spaces, I could not get myself to use those elements in our house.  The furthest I have gone is the use of a cowhide rug in our open dining/kitchen space and I would not really consider that taxidermy.

So when we visited a taxidermy store in the Catskills last weekend, I was again confronted with many decorating accessories that incorporate animal skins, feathers, bones and the likes.   Some of the items were gorgeous. But, alas, I could not do it, I could not purchase an animal head or antlers for our house.  All I can muster up is to get a wonderful driftwood candleholder that will be a nice addition to my table top accessories.

What about you? Have you used animal antlers, tusks or skins in your decorating?

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Rewind. Reboot. Reset.

Posted by on Oct 27, 2014 in Family and friends, Travel | 0 comments

This weekend, we did an overnighter in the Catskills. As cumbersome as it was to pack even just for a day or so, I was still determined to make the trip. We have been just grinding away in our own little worlds, trying to meet one deadline after another that I felt a little change of scenery would do us some good.

It has been our tradition now to go to the Catskills in the fall and the winter. We wanted to spend the whole weekend there but the girls had activities that we could not get out of. So we opted to leave on Saturday after lunch instead of Friday.

Overall, it was a fun weekend with some swimming, chance encounters with friends, flea market shopping and eating at our usual haunts. And though quick, the overnighter was long enough of a pause for us to reset ourselves in preparation for the craziness of the upcoming holiday season. Can you believe the year is almost over?

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What’s Your Comfort Food?

Posted by on Oct 23, 2014 in Family and friends, Food | 0 comments

It’s that time of the year when the temperatures are beginning to drop and thoughts turn to the types of food that nourish us and keep us warm. I tend to love hearty stews and soups just about now while slowly foregoing salads for my main meals. To me, anything stew-like is comfort food and that’s what I crave in the colder months.

Coming from a Filipino background, one of my favorite comfort foods and one that I have passed on to my husband and kids is Chicken Adobo. It is a rather simple dish with vinegar and soy sauce as the main ingredients in the sauce, seasoned with bay leaves, salt and and black peppercorns. The key to making this recipe delicious is letting the sauce simmer for over an hour and getting the right balance in the ingredients.

Chicken Adobo is such an essential part of any Filipino household. Ask anyone from a Filipino background and they’ll tell you how much they love this dish and how their mother or grandmother makes the best one. As much as I love the traditional Adobo recipe, I have been using a variation lately in one of my fave cookbooks as of late, Keepers.   The recipe is sort of a modern-day interpretation of a classic dish.

What are you craving for in these winter months?

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Trouble with Summer Birthdays

Posted by on Oct 20, 2014 in Family and friends | 0 comments

The thing with summer birthdays is that you don’t get to truly celebrate it with your school friends during the school year.  You don’t get to bring in treats in school on your birthday like most kids.  You’ll have to wait to bring them in at the end of the school year when teacher sets aside time several days in June for summer birthday kids to bring in their treats.

The same thing goes for birthday parties, which is more relevant when a child is younger than in later school years.  I suppose you can have a party over the summer.  However, since Ines’ birthday happens right before the beginning of the school year and near Labor Day, we usually end up having her birthday party with her school friends in October when things are less hectic…which is exactly what we did yesterday.

The theme for this year’s party is sports and fitness.  We had it at the local Y where the girls played various relay games as well as dodge ball.  My favorite part, as in most of my daughters’ birthday parties, were the cupcakes, which were delicious and so cleverly prepared by Karen from Dulce and Petit.

Did you have a nice weekend?

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Fall Purchase – Boyfriend Jeans

Posted by on Oct 16, 2014 in Lifestyle | 0 comments

As much as I like a lot of the fall clothes that are in stores right now, I have not really been buying that much stuff. I just feel like many of the items that are out are either things that I already have in my closet or just some radical stuff that’s just way too young for me. I suppose the silver lining behind this scenario is that at least I’m not spending or splurging right now.

I did get a pair of white corduroy boyfriend pants recently from Zara that I think I’ll be wearing a lot this season. They are pretty comfortable and a nice change from hip huggers and skinny jeans. I have seen some girls wear their boyfriend jeans with flat oxfords but I think I need to wear mine with a bit of heel given that I’m not that tall.

What about you? Seen anything fun for fall lately?

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