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52 Weeks, Week 35

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in Family and friends | 0 comments

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

Alas, all good things must come to an end. The girls finished their summer camp last week and they will be going back to school this week. Chiara finished her Minecraft camp, which I thought would sort of counteract her addiction to the game. I don’t know why I thought that but I guess I presumed that after two and half hours doing Minecraft-type of stuff, she would be done with the game. Well, I was wrong. She has learned a few new tricks that led to more time spent on the game. I keep reminding her that none of this can continue during the school year, to which, she says “I know, Mommy.”  We’ll see…

Ines also finished her photography camp where she had a blast learning new photography techniques. Everyday, she came home recounting the endless details of her class and the day’s photo subject. Last Friday, all the campers exhibited their projects proudly to family and friends at Montclair Art Museum. Ines stood proudly in front of her photos, content with the two weeks she spent at the museum’s camp.

I’m a bit melancholic about the fall, back to school and the change of season. As a parent, the month of September, more than January, is my measuring stick and marker of past and future changes in life. I only have to look at how much my girls have grown in the summer months to be reminded of the past we’ve already left behind. We’re done with all the early childhood stuff at home, now the girls are venturing into their tween and early teen years. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead but I can’t help but get a little sad that they’re not my little girls anymore.





Fondation Louis Vuitton

Posted by on Aug 27, 2015 in Art, Travel | 0 comments

On our last day in Paris a couple of weekend ago, we went to the Fondation Louis Vuitton, a museum and creative space to showcase LHMH’s art collection and hold fashion shows.  Designed by Frank Gehry, the space is a wonderfully gigantic establishment that resembles an oversized sailboat.  It is  something to marvel at from afar as well as inside.

Exploring all the inner corners of the museum reminded me of last year’s trip to Casa Batllo in Barcelona where I was just enraptured by Gaudi’s design philosophies and how he executed them as he designed the house.  In the Fondation Louis Vuitton, one gets a sense that Frank Gehry wanted to create a spectacular urban oasis that houses modern exhibition rooms with a rather dramatic yet calming waterfall that frames the museum’s entrance.

Here are some of the photos I took while we were there…






fondationlv.light C experimenting with light in one of the rooms

fondationlvmodel A model of the museum

52 Weeks, Week 34

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015 in Family and friends | 0 comments

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

The upside of being away from home for awhile is that you learn to appreciate things you’ve sort of taken for granted before leaving. It’s not that I take for granted my family and friends but seeing little ones, especially my younger goddaughters, makes me more aware of the passage of time as I see the marked changes in them in just a few months. It’s good to be back.

I am fortunate to share in my friends’ and sister’s journeys as parents. I am also glad my girls are able to have close relationships with their younger cousins. On a different note, I am thankful to have had a few moments this past week to go to the Morgan Library and check out a few exhibit I wanted to see.

This week, we brace for the school year ahead. There will be lots of back-to-school shopping and planning in the days ahead. I feel the change in the air and the end of summer coming soon.

Have a great week, dear friends!

friendsreunited Girls catching up with friends

visit Ah, seeing this one…

goofingoff …and this one, cousins frolicking

morganglass And a museum visit on the side for me

Look of Deauville Villas

Posted by on Aug 20, 2015 in Art, France, Travel | 0 comments

I thought I’d share some images of the Deauville villas that are typical of this Norman seaside resort.  Usually French magazines feature the larger and more well-known villas in town like Villa Strassburger, which was once owned by the Rothschild Family.  But I thought these other less-famous houses here deserve a bit of attention and admiration.

Tall, relatively narrow, ornate without being too ostentatious, these houses seem eternally proud to me.  I often wonder about the lives beyond those windows.  Since we are not here to see them except in the summer and sometimes at Christmas, I often wonder what these places look like the rest of the year.    Deauville is a weekend and summer town so I imagine that most of these houses are probably closed up for the winter awaiting the next year’s summer season. Much like the prolonged anticipation I feel the rest of the year as I wait to see these beauties again.









52 Weeks, Week 33

Posted by on Aug 17, 2015 in Family and friends, France, Travel | 0 comments

Weekly snapshots of my girls and life in general in 2015

We came back to the US yesterday after having spent seven weeks in France.   All throughout the weekend, I kept hearing in my head that beautful song by Madeline Peyroux called “J’ai Deux Amours.” In the song, she talks about her conflicted love for Manhattan and Paris. In my case, it is my love for both the US and France.

US is home; it’s where we are most of the year, where our lives are, where some of our closest family and friends live. But France is where my husband’s family resides and where the other part of me, of us as family, exist. While the US is where our day-to-day growing and living take place, France is where we dream, visualize and start thinking of future projects and plans we’d like to do one day.

I hate feeling conflicted about my love for these two places but I know that my family and I need both to feel whole.  Is there a special place you go to where you feel you need to go to restore yourself and your soul?





Pictures taken from Chateau d’Harcourt in Normandy last week